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Our BSP offerings
Protocol stack porting

Aftek has vast expertise in design, development, porting, and testing of various protocol stacks. Aftek engineers have extensive experience in developing all OSI layers.

Our expertise in protocol stacks makes us a valuable partner to add important functionality to your product.

Aftek can provide services in the following areas:
  • Complete layer or stack development and integration into an application, product
  • Integration and porting a third party layer or stack into an application/product
  • Enhancement, optimization of an existing layer or stack to add new features

Physical validation

Upcoming semiconductor chips need to be validated for functionality, performance, and compliance with standards. Aftek's expertise in firmware, low-level driver development, and thorough knowledge of various architectures and peripheral interfaces can be leveraged to validate the ASIC and SoC. Aftek designs and executes thorough test plan for validation of communications, embedded, and consumer ASIC's.

Our team has a rich experience in measuring performance and bringing up various interfaces like USB, PCI, PCI Express, audio-video, UART, ethernet, and so on. This shall help in quick validation of silicon and hence reduce time-to-market.

Protocol Stacks
  • Bluetooth (Affix, Widcomm, OpenBT, BlueZ)
  • USB (Host and Client)
  • Smart Card (T=0, T=1)
  • TCP/IP
  • SNMP
  • 802.1x, 802.11x
  • ZigBee®

For IP core validation, customized FPGA platforms are used for rapid prototyping. Aftek ensures that IP's are conformed to standards and intended functionality. Knowledge of tools like Quartus II (version 8.0), Xilinx ISE and ModelSIM speeds up the validation process.

Aftek can even provide services to build the evaluation platform.

Integration and maintenance with third party BSP

With a wide range of expertise onto various operating systems and platforms Aftek is a one stop shop for embedded solutions. As a service, Aftek offers integrations and maintenance of third party BSP.

Integration and maintenance are crucial requirement during the development of the embedded application based on third party BSP. We cater third party BSP's to suite product requirements.

Integrations and maintenance of third party BSP includes:

  • Device specific foot-print configuration
  • BSP customization, optimization, and application specific enhancements
  • Peripheral driver development and debugging
  • Feature addition - POST, diagnostic test, image versioning, signature implementation, remote update mechanism
  • Development of platform independent layer which provides OS and hardware abstraction for integration with customized application development platforms
  • BSP application support (.NET, Win32, and Linux)
  • Application support throughout the development cycle

ZigBee is a registered trademark of ZigBee Alliance, Inc.