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Android Offering

Google Android is an open source and customizable mobile handset platform on Linux 2.6. Aftek has developed a variety of solutions based on Android BSP.
eCos® Portfolio

eCos is an open source, real-time operating system indented for embedded applications. Aftek has developed wide variety of solutions by making use of eCos BSPs for hardware platform.
Linux Portfolio

Aftek has acquired rich skills in Linux BSP development on various platforms. Linux and its various flavors have been a popular choice of operating systems for use in embedded computing systems.
Tomato firmware based router in Home Automation

Aftek has ported Tomato firmware and a home automation application on a Linksys router. Benefits to the client that it uses existing router hardware with support of additional functionality.
Windows CE Portfolio

Windows CE is a component-based, real-time operating system. Aftek has rich experience in Windows CE BSP and application development on various hardware platforms.

Automation, monitoring and control of industrial as well as household appliances has become a necessity. Automation segments span across hardware, firmware, embedded and enterprise applications.

Point of Sale(POS) terminals are commonly used in retail stores or restaurants at checkout counters. Interactive kiosk systems are usually unattended, self service systems that provide access to information and web applications.

eCos is a registered trademark of eCosCentric Limited