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Application Testing

Aftek has immense expertise in the area of application testing which involves usability, usability inspection, middleware, database, and integration testing. Aftek has developed a remarkable build and integration framework that ensures the automation of the entire build process including unit testing, functional testing, and regression testing.

Aftek has also invested significantly in the test automation framework. It can help to reduce significant cost by implementing an effective and efficient automation strategy.

We specialize in Usability Testing - an irreplaceable usability practice. It gives direct information from the day consumers use the system.

We specialize in performance, scalability, and reliability testing; we can also perform capacity planning and forecasting exercise. We have developed a PSR framework that helps to significantly reduce the overall time, saving cost. Click here to view our PSR methodology.

We steadily coordinate with the client's team and pursue the processes followed by our clients. Aftek has substantial processes and can deliver testing activities using agile methodology. Aftek can also help in setting up processes for the client, if required.

Agile Methodology

agile testing
Testing Approaches
Script record & play
  • Automated functional testing
  • Navigational testing
  • User interface testing

Functional testing
  • White box testing
  • Black box testing
  • Regression testing

Middleware testing
  • Message interface testing
  • Request response testing

User acceptance testing assistance
  • Domain testing
  • Assistance to business users
  • End user simulation

Security testing
  • Authorization & access control
  • Encryption and decryption

Load / Stress testing
  • Performance testing
  • Scalability testing
  • Vital parameters (CPU usage, memory leak)