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Aftek's 100% subsidiary-Arexera AG enters into a strategic tie-up with BDT AG

Mumbai, March 22, 2007: Arexera Information Technologies AG ('Arexera') -a wholly owned subsidiary of Aftek Ltd. has entered into a strategic tie up with BDT AG, of Germany, world leaders in data storage systems. Under the terms of the tie up, Arexera will license its state-of-the-art search technology for BDT's new data storage device 'Gingcom Appliance'.

Gingcom is an IT-solution, which enables organizations to find, restore and use every document created or received through email, only through a single click, even after years. The service is as simple as that provided by a search engine in the Internet. It archives all PCs, Notebooks, Server, Application systems, user data and profiles are automatically stored, doubly backed-up and, ensuring legal compliance.

For each appliance sold by BDT, Arexera will be entitled for a royalty payment of about 250 Euros. BDT has targeted sales of between 50,000 to 70,000 Gingcom appliances through its own network as well as its OEM partners, during a full year of operation.

The Gingcom Appliance was launched the CeBIT 2007 held recently in Hanover.

"Aftek is one of the few IT companies in India to aggressively pursue IP not just rely upon the traditional IT services model. This deal, which was won against intense competition from major suppliers, has only underscored to the soundness of this strategy," Ranjit Dhuru, Chairman and Managing Director of Aftek Ltd.

About BDT AG:

BDT AG, the world's largest OEM-manufacturer of tape autoloaders and libraries has developed Gingcom a complete solution for storage, backup and a long-term archiving comes in a 19-inch box. Over 100 current patents prove the innovation capacities of the enterprise. The certification of all the production plants according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 as well as OHSAS underlines the uncompromised quality management. BDT has been a reliable innovation partner for Dell, HP, IBM, Iomega, Quantum, Sun, Tandberg Data, Xerox and other manufacturers.

About Aftek:

With core competency in Communications, Aftek Ltd. worth Rs. 300crores, is into Networking, Telecommunications, Semiconductors and Automobile verticals. They offer custom application development, product engineering and soft testing services. Today its market spreads in Germany, France, U.K., Austria, Spain and Japan with customized solution in their respective languages. Visit: www.aftek.com.

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