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Aftek's VoIP-GSM Gateway gets CE Marking

Mumbai, March 29, 2007: "VoIP-GSM Gateway" - a product developed in-house by Aftek Ltd. for a European customer, has won the much coveted CE marking. CE marking has become a mandatory requirement for the electronic devices to be sold in Europe. CE conformance guarantees the safety, electromagnetic interference limits and electromagnetic compatibility of the electronic products. It boosts the salability of this device in the European segment.

The product was given CE marking by Underwriters Laboratories India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore an affiliate of Underwriters Laboratories Inc. which is widely accepted and recognized across the European market.

VoIP-GSM Gateway is a hi-tech device that allows IP telephony operators to deliver their services directly to the existing GSM cell phones. It acts as a VoIP to GSM and GSM to VoIP gateway device. It allows an ordinary GSM mobile phone to make and receive VoIP calls to / from your Skype ID.

This is a USB powered plug and play device and does not require any charger or an adapter. No additional software needs to be installed on the mobile phone. Hence it can connect to any GSM handset with no constraints about the OS or Java support. This has made VoIP-GSM Gateway a universal device connecting with the simplest to the most hi-tech handsets. Currently it is Skype compatible and future versions will also support Google Talk.

GSM technology used by VoIP-GSM Gateway gives mobility to the users. With VoIP-GSM Gateway, users do not have out-of-range issues like normal WiFi phones, thus giving them maximum connectivity. It enables significant cost savings as the GSM calls are transferred to Skype.

About Aftek Ltd.

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