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Aftek launches GPS Vehicle Tracking System

Pune, December 02, 2009: Aftek launches GPS Vehicle Tracking System - a GSM / GPRS enabled solution for real time vehicle tracking and monitoring.

Aftek Limited (NSE: AFTEK), a 20-year old full spectrum technology company today announced launch of its robust and compact GPS Vehicle Tracking System (VTS), which can track and monitor a vehicle's location on the map in real time. This low-cost, low-maintenance device neatly fits into a vehicle and observes its location, travelling speed, direction and a variety of other parameters. This information is transmitted wirelessly (with the help of GSM / GPRS connectivity) to a central server where a detailed trip analysis and reporting can be done for efficient vehicle management. In case of unavailability of network coverage, the device can store all the data locally and resumes sending as soon as the network becomes available again. Furthermore, one can easily configure the unit to receive a number of alerts including geo-fence crossing, over-speeding and more to avoid any misuse of the vehicle. All of the VTS functionalities can be conveniently accessed via mobile and web. Lastly, this versatile unit can also be used in a vehicle for monitoring of fuel-level, temperature and more, offering an unbeatable value for money.

About Aftek Ltd.

Aftek Limited is a listed company on Bombay (BSE: 530707) and National (NSE: AFTEK) stock exchanges of India, and has presence in India, US, Europe and far east. Aftek provides full spectrum technology services in hardware, BSP, embedded and applications. Aftek has vast experience in home and industrial automation, safety and security segments and provides cutting edge technology solutions. Additionally, Aftek also has deep expertise in product engineering services, SaaS, virtualization, migration and internationalization services. For more information, visit: www.aftek.com.