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Business scenario

In today's world, quick and focused sales and customer satisfaction are the two important key factors in success of an enterprise.

Customers interacting with a company perceive the business as a single entity, despite often interacting with a number of employees in different roles and departments. CRM is a combination of policies, processes implemented by an organization to unify its customer interaction.

CRM is applicable to any kind of organizations that intends to do profit making business, be it through products or by offering services.

Various entities in the sales chain like the sales rep, manager, executive, and partner can be collaborating and exchanging data using a CRM system to effectively monitor and close deals.

Similarly, one central point, wherein all the issues are logged and tracked will result in customer satisfaction.

Various solutions are available for managing CRM needs of an enterprise. Typically, some amount of customization is required in any solution to be optimally useful. Most of the solutions are relatively costly and customization is not easy and comes at a high cost.

Aftek offering

In these times of economic recession, enterprises need to be "cost conscious" but still strive for

  • Growing the clients/customer base, and reach out to new customers
  • Retaining existing clients/customer base
  • Optimizing overall support and maintenance cost

Aftek can help you in following aspects and thus help save significant efforts and cost

  • Complete installation of CRM solutions
  • Customization/Enhancements as required
      • Specific reports
      • Integration with other system
      • Integration with web site
      • Email and SMS alerts
      • Extending the CRM solution
  • IM BOT integration
  • Mobile integration (J2ME, iPhone, web application on iPhone, Android)
  • Microsoft Outlook integration

Aftek has developed ready-to-use touch point applications integrated with popular CRM solutions (Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 and SugarCRM Community Edition 5.0 with the most essential feature set as desired. However we would be happy to extend/customize these features depending upon the business need.

Features J2ME GPRS, J2ME SMS, iPhone, Android

Find more information on expertise.aftek.com use username as "crm"

  • Android
  • iPhone
  • J2EE(JSP/Servlets)
  • SOAP
  • Web Services
  • J2SE
Benefits to the Client
  • Ready to use CRM system
  • Since majority of sales / support staff are moving the mobile application keeps them connected to the central CRM system
  • The BOT allows for quick interchange of information between the user and CRM system, when using the web GUI may not be possible due to various reasons
Aftek's Value-add
  • Turn-key solution for CRM needs
  • Mobile application and BOT application are totally customizable
  • Mobile application works over GSM using SMS in addition to GPRS operation
  • Creating a solution which should work for users who won't have GPRS facility - For this we had to create a separate module to interface SMS
  • Interoperability between various CRMs is handled using Web Services
CRM Offering
CRM system facilitate the organizations to retain existing customers and reach out new customers. Aftek has come up with various solutions that encompasses these aspects.