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Intelligent Transport System

Intelligent Transport System (ITS) is designed for the urban / state / private road transport organizations (public and private RTCs). The system consists of a backend and a hardware component to provide an integrated solution for the driver console unit, electronic ticking machine, passenger information system and vehicle tracking system. ITS provides a single solution for transport companies to schedule and monitor buses with the help of advance technologies such as GPS, Wi-Fi and GPRS.

The Need

Road transport organizations typically have huge fleet of buses that operate from depots situated at remote locations. With the increase in population the public transport organizations need to improve their services to provide better facilities. Without having an intelligent transport system in place, it is very difficult to improve the service. ITS will enable the transport organization to get the required bus, schedule, route and passenger information very quickly to execute public queries in a very efficient manner. With the help of Vehicle Tracking System, people can get the current location of the bus without communicating with the staff members. The electronic ticketing machine stores information of each and every ticket issued to the passengers. This ticketing data is used for managerial decisions such as introducing new bus routes or allocating part-time buses to operate at crowded locations. To have a better up-time for bus, ITS provides a driver console to monitor the bus 'health'. With the increase in terrorist attacks, public security is critical. ITS also provides security cameras which record the audio and video inside the bus.


Intelligent Transport System (ITS) facilitates better public transport services by considering the bus earnings, public safety and security.

Intelligent Transport System

Driver console unit

A driver console unit (DCU) is a hardware device having Wi-Fi, GSM / GPRS, RS232, RS 485, USB, CAN BUS host interfaces, Digital IO, Analog IO for communication and interfacing with other devices such as LED display boards, GPS, Electronic ticketing machines, CAN bus, etc. The device has a touch screen enabled driver console application that displays the current stage and next stage details with audio visual alerts and vehicle engine CAN BUS parameters like temperature, engine speed, door status, etc. The bus stages are advanced automatically based on the GPS position. It can also control the security camera as well as vehicle rear camera units fitted inside and outside the bus.

Electronic Ticketing Machine

An Electronic Ticking Machine (ETM) is a hardware device capable of issuing passenger tickets and sending the ticket data over serial and GPRS interfaces. It is capable of automatic fare collection (AFC) using smartcards and recharging the smart cards. All these transactions will be stored on the ETM itself which are uploaded directly to the PC based application or on the driver console unit over a serial interface.

Passenger Information system

A Passenger Information System (PIS) consists of a DCU application which controls LED display boards fitted in the bus. The display board shows route and stage information on which the bus is currently plying. The internal display board is also capable of displaying advertisement contents as configured from the backend application.

Vehicle Tracking System

The Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) is integrated with the DCU unit to get the vehicle positioning data along with other information such as driver, route and stages. The VTS online map console shows the vehicle position with bus details. The VTS system provides powerful search criteria to drill down the search to the route level. Zoom in, zoom out, pan and identify features are provided for the user to view the map more conveniently.

Ground Booking Terminal

Ground booking terminal (GBT) for conductor-less buses, is an optional feature that can be used for issuing the tickets using ATM cards. It also acts as a query terminal to obtain information such as: buses between two stops, information about the nearby important places (bank ATM, Mall, historical places, etc) on the map.

Intelligent Transport System