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One thing that separates iPhone and iPad from its competitors, apart from its killer looks and functionality, is its ability to support custom built mobile applications. Moreover, Apple has freely distributed iPhone SDK for iPhone mobile apps development and hence iPhone software development is rapidly drawing attention from developers worldwide. With the introduction of iPhone SDK 3.2, iPad application is also possible. Indeed, iPhone and iPad application development is emerging as a promising new sector in the IT market.

This free to use SDK is not restricted to run only on Apple’s Macintosh OS and thus, a Linux or even Windows user can develop and install applications on their iPhone and iPad, thereby considerably easing the iPhone and iPad application development process.    

iPhone and iPad application development companies

Amongst numerous iPhone app development outsourcing solutions, Aftek Ltd is a frontrunner for offshore iPhone and iPad application development services. We have thorough experience in mobile application development in general and iPhone apps development in particular. We also specialize in iPad application development.

Aftek has demonstrated hands-on expertise with mobile application development for Customer Relationship Management (CRM), making it an ideal resource for iPhone software development in India.  As one of the pioneering iPhone application developers, Aftek has following CRM offerings:

    • Instant access to CRM database from anywhere in the world
    • Adding / Modifying Contacts  or Leads
    • Searching through Contacts / Leads
    • Task management such as scheduling / to-dos / reminders
    • Detailed information of Cases or Issues
Web Apps Development for iPhone

Aftek’s expertise with developing Web application naturally lends itself to create web applications for iPhone, which look and function similar to the ones built into iPhone. This makes us one of a kind amongst other iPhone application developers in India. Having mastered system integration, we also offer seamless integration to the common iPhone applications.

Using best practices of application development, our programmers can develop and debug your iPhone application while keeping the cost at minimum, thus ensuring you the best possible iPhone application development outsourcing experience. Apart from being one of the leading iPhone application developers, we also provide real world testing on iPhone / iPod Touch. Furthermore, we can take care of distributing your application to the App Store. Thus, with Aftek, you have everything you need at one go...from coding to publishing!

Porting of iPhone mobile applications

With growing levels of interest in at least trying the iPhone (if not buying), it’s tempting for other platform owners to explore the new customer base of iPhone. Using thorough understanding of system migration, Aftek can proficiently port applications from non-iPhone platforms to iPhone platform. As a one stop shop for iPhone application development, Aftek offers porting expertise in following scenarios:

  • J2ME to iPhone
  • Android to iPhone
  • BlackBerry to iPhone
  • Symbian to iPhone
  • BREW to iPhone
  • Windows Mobile to iPhone
About iPhone

iPhone, designed and marketed by Apple Inc., superbly combines three devices into one. It is a multimedia GSM Smartphone, an outstanding Internet device and a widescreen iPod. Since its initial US launch in June 2007 to its 3G variant launch in August 2008 in India, the pre and post hype surrounding the device has been absolutely phenomenal. The touchscreen interface still remains unrivalled when it comes to responsivenss and functionality.

About iPad

iPad is a tablet computer designed, developed and marketed by Apple. Similar to the older (and smaller) iPod Touch and iPhone, the iPad runs a modified version of the iOS and is controlled by a multi-touch LCD sensitive to fingertips, instead of a stylus as with earlier tablet computers. It runs iPad-specific applications as well as those written for the iPhone and iPod Touch, including e-book readers.

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