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Mobile Applications
Mobile devices have become pervasive objects and there is an ever increasing demand for mobile phones, smart phones and PDAs. Mobile applications let people access information, make quick decisions and make purchases anywhere, anytime. It is highly challenging to provide services on mobile phones in the ever growing competitive world.
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Aftek has a strong background in developing applications with different flavors.

Over the years Aftek has gained significant expertise in developing mobile applications including security system, m-commerce applications, mine logistics systems, stock trading applications and so on. We have a proven track record of delivering robust, customer centric, and time-to-market solutions.

Customers invest largely in mobile devices. Aftek maintains separate inventory of mobile devices physically and closely monitors the expenses of network operators.

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Mobile XtraTracker
Aftek recommended additional features such as synchronization of data over GPRS with server, compatibility checker utility. With this system, porting efforts are minimized.
J2ME Expertise
  • Fully configurable and flexible component library which takes away the pains of building professional GUI from scratch.
  • Experience working with JSRs and associated compatibility issues.
  • Experience in developing applications for different manufacturers, models and makes.
  • Enable customers to do projection on device support and hence marketing targets with device certification services.
Flash Lite® Expertise
  • Comprehensive component framework using Flash Lite 2.1 and Action Script 2.0.
  • Experience delivering application optimized for memory.
  • Rich user experience team for building polished GUI.
Mobile Security
  • Experience developing applications with commercial grade security using SSL technology.
  • Exposure to application signing for different domains (manufacturer/carrier/third-party).
  • Exposure to SATSA API (JSR 177) and working with cryptography algorithms.

Flash Lite is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated