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Press Release
Aftek offers complete Transportation Framework under Integrated Transport Solutions

Pune, December 03, 2010 - Utilizing our broad experience in building end-to-end public bus transportation management and bus tracking solutions, Aftek now offers various transportation services under one complete framework, known as Aftek Transportation Framework (ATF).
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Aftek collaborates with ADD Semiconductor for the development of Smart Metering Solution

Pune, March 17, 2010 - Aftek Limited (NSE: AFTEK), a full spectrum technology services company and Advanced Digital Design S.A. (ADD), a world leader in the development of SoCs for communication over Power Line, today announced collaboration to develop products for the Automatic Meter Management (AMM) market.
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Aftek offers fascinating cost-effective OEM deals for VTS operators

Pune, Mar 2, 2010: Good news for VTS operators! Join hands with Aftek for incredibly cost-effective VTS OEM deals! No more running and sweating behind after-sales support for frequently failing imported tracking devices. By joining hands with Aftek, you are assured of expert local support from one of the leading full-spectrum technology company, which in turn will elevate your customer satisfaction levels.
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Aftek launches touch-screen based Integrated Device Controller - a GPS / GPRS / WiFi enabled Vehicle Mounting System with GSM calling facility for transportation and logistics sector

Pune, Feb 1, 2010: Aftek's Integrated Device Controller offers seamless integration with a variety of peripheral devices and works effectively as a multi-function Vehicle Mounting System.
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Aftek launches GPS Vehicle Tracking System - a GSM / GPRS enabled solution for real time vehicle tracking and monitoring

Pune, December 02, 2009 - Aftek's Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) combines GPS, internet technology and terrestrial networks such as GSM / GPRS to track, trace, and monitor vehicles in real time and display their location on the map. It also keeps a detailed log of vehicle speed, routes, stops and more for trip analysis, which can be accessed via mobile and web.
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Aftek Protocol Converter Series: Aftek develops a dynamic device to deal with compatibility and integration issues between various protocols

Pune, Maharashtra - July 31st, 2009 - Aftek's Protocol Converters (APC) are designed to resolve compatibility issues. APC series help to get rid of integration nightmares. Now there is no need to spend excess time and money or compromise on quality products that do not support standard protocols.APC series of protocol converters converts various standard protocols such as Modbus, BACnet®, LonWorks® and proprietary protocols spanning across different physical mediums such as RS-232, RS-485 in addition to power line, Ethernet and twisted pair. You can configure communication parameters of APC using a simple Windows based configuration utility.
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Press Release Aftek SpyGuard - India's first integrated motion sensitive camera cum alarm security system
Pune, June 24th 2009: Aftek Limited (NSE: AFTEK), a Pune based IT firm has developed SpyGuard, a revolutionary, new, remote monitoring, security system. This is India's first integrated motion sensitive camera cum alarm security system. The highlights of this product are its integrated, motion sensitive camera and automated alarm and notification system. This is the first time that Indian customers will have an option to choose a unique security system that has an automated central monitoring service and video recording for the activities that take place when you are away from home, shop or office.
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Press Release Aftek successfully ports Android BSP ON PXA270 mobile platform with STB (SET-TOP BOX) application
Pune, June 5th, 2009: Aftek Limited : Android BSP has been successfully ported with STB application on PXA270 platform. The high level of expertise provided by STB can also be traced to the fact that Aftek has developed a hardware platform based on PXA270 processor and then customized Android BSP for it, the very platform on which the STB application has been ported.
Press Release AFTEK continues healthy revenue growth. Year-to-year Net Sales up by 13.93%
BSE: 530707, NSE: AFTEK, Reuters: AFTEK.BO
Mumbai, July 30, 2007: Aftek Limited today declared its results for the quarter ended 30th June 2007, displaying healthy, top-line growth in tough business environment despite dramatical Rupee appreciation.
Performance Snapshot:
Total revenue for the Q1 FY 2007-08 was Rs. 86.88 crores.
Net Sales for Q1 FY 2007-08 were Rs. 86.60 crores.
Net profit for the Q1 FY 2007-08 was Rs. 23.12 crores.
EPS (basic) for the Q1 FY 2007-08 was Rs. 2.65. (Face Value Rs.2/-)
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Press Release Aftek Q4 Net Profit up 18.38%, Annual Net Profit up by 27.12%
BSE 530707 NSE AFTEK Reuters AFTK.BO
Mumbai, April 30, 2007: Aftek Limited, (formerly called Aftek Infosys Limited) today reported a 19.80% rise in net sales for the fourth quarter ending March 31, 2007 over the corresponding quarter of last year. Net sales were Rs. 86.18 crore as against Rs. 71.94 crore for the corresponding quarter for the last year.
Staff Cost for the quarter was Rs. 3.88 crore (Rs. 3.35 crore), Software Development Expenses Rs. 49.00 crore (Rs. 40.18 crore), and Other Expenditure was Rs. 4.15 crore (Rs. 2.25 crore). Earnings before Interest, Taxation, Depreciation and Amortization (EBIDTA) were Rs. 29.96 crore (Rs. 26.62 crore).
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Press Release Aftek's VoIP-GSM Gateway gets CE Marking
Mumbai, March 29, 2007: "VoIP-GSM Gateway" - a product developed in-house by Aftek Ltd. for a European customer, has won the much coveted CE marking. CE marking has become a mandatory requirement for the electronic devices to be sold in Europe. CE conformance guarantees the safety, electromagnetic interference limits and electromagnetic compatibility of the electronic products. It boosts the salability of this device in the European segment.
Press Release Aftek's 100% subsidiary-Arexera AG enters into a strategic tie-up with BDT AG
Mumbai, March 22, 2007: Arexera Information Technologies AG ('Arexera') - a wholly owned subsidiary of Aftek Ltd. has entered into a strategic tie up with BDT AG, of Germany, world leaders in data storage systems.
Press Release Aftek ESG announce intention to form a Joint Venture
Mumbai, March 1, 2007: Aftek Ltd and major European software and systems company ESG Electroniksystem-und Logistik GmbH today announced their intention to form a joint venture to exploit opportunities in Europe and India.

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